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#PancakeMorning Sundays with @theotherfudge

In his professional life, Travis Millard (@theotherfudge) is the creative force behind Fudge Factory Comics. But when home on the weekends, Travis finds another outlet to keep his creative energies flowing: #PancakeMorning Sundays. While most people are still snoozing or waiting for their jolt of caffeine to kick in, Travis is getting creative with pancake batter and sharing his creations on Instagram.

"I’ve never been too big on eating pancakes," Travis admits. "They get in my beard and I smell like syrup all day." Rather, his creations were inspired by a friendly rivalry with Canadian writer, musician and filmmaker Gavin McInnes (@thegavin2000).

"I’d been following the pancakes Gavin McInnes makes for his kids and posts every Sunday. He’d been heckling me about drawing ‘sausage fingers’ in the comments of my pancake posts for some time, so I decided I needed to polish my pancake craft and beat him at his own game.”

"The battle rages on," says Travis.

Interested at trying your hand at a #PancakeMorning creation? Travis offers some tips: “Just pick up any generic ketchup squirter and draw into the pan with it. Pro tip: get a second squirter with a thinner batter mix for tonal fills.”



son-of-a-gengar asked:

Hi, I was just wondering if I could have some advice? I've been playing French horn for the last two years, and I was considering taking it on professionally, but I'm finding that I just don't enjoy it as much anymore. It was a means to an end - as a professional player I wouldn't be stuck for employment. But I've realised that I don't want to perform, after getting really bad stagefright at a performance. What should I do? I'm at a fork in the road.


There is a lot of material out there in terms if dealing with stage fright and if recommend reading up on a lot of tips to deal and being able to overcome or control it. Some, like myself use the energy and focus it on my musicality, when to breath and maintaining all the energy in my support and breathing. I move a lot when I play so that uses a lot of energy and gets my muscles contracting getting rid of the adrenalin and all those endorphins running through your body. Breathing slower also helps maintain a level of oxygen so that you’re not adding to the high. Another solution is the ever so popular hyperventilating in a bag. The purpose is to lower the oxygen intake and control the breathing. In terms of getting it in control while you play would be to do more masterclasses where you need to play in front of people, performance classes where you play in front of your peers, join some woodwind quintets and other types of chamber ensembles. Get involved, get satisfied with your playing, meet the people in the community. Get connected, get noticed, get confident and you’ll see yourself being an example for those who find themselves in your exact position. Be a trailblazer, leader, a follower, a member, be active. Be busy. It all works out in the end with more involvement. I always had a level or nervousness in settings and auditions but solos and performances I was fine but it all works out and you will never regret choosing music if you do it right or keep it in your life for enlightenment. There is always a community band. Well, I always hope there are.


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